Hi, I’m Kelsey. In a few short months, I plan* to quit my 50-hour per week job in finance in order to travel the world. I currently live in Portland, OR with my boyfriend, Andrew and my beloved Ollie-dog. Over the past three years—yes, a whole three years—we’ve been saving money to leave our office jobs and travel the world together.

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Andrew and I were fortunate enough to get well-paying jobs right out of college that allowed us to live comfortably in Pacifica, CA. After a few months of acquiring new furniture, new sporting gear, new clothes, and about a million dog toys, I really began to question what my money was getting me. New Stuff? Yes. More happiness and fulfillment? Nope. I researched what 23-year olds should be saving for and found the answer to be a house! Hard pass. I like moving every couple of years and find ownership too intimidating at this point in my life. I quickly determined that travel was the only thing I felt comfortable saving for and sometime in early 2015, I pitched it to Andrew. He gave me an inch of interest so I took a mile and starting making spreadsheets to figure out how we could travel for a year (or even 18 months). The spreadsheets told us January 2018 would give us enough time to save and plan (and oh yeah, move to Portland, Oregon) so here we are!

Currently, we’re topping off the savings accounts, selling most of our stuff, and trying to enjoy our daily routines until we purposefully blow up our lives. All the while, dreaming of 20-day treks in Nepal, yoga trainings in India, long scenic drives through the US, and reading on the beaches of Bali.

*Update: Andrew and I sold all our stuffquit our jobs, and moved out of our home in Portland, OR. Now, we are on the move!