Goodbye House

Goodbye perfect little funky house. Andrew, Ollie, and I left our little 1896 house in Northeast Portland, Oregon today. It was a tiny home with barely two bedrooms and just one bathroom, but it was our cozy rental for a year and a half. It was the first home the three of us lived in together without roommates and it was perfect. Ollie had a fenced yard where she patrolled hourly for squirrels and birds, Andrew had a detached garage where he could repair and build things and just generally make a mess, and I had a comfy family room surrounded by windows where I spent rainy afternoons binge watching Friends. (FYI I can crush anyone in Friends trivia. Just try me.)

goodbye house moving out-1.jpg

We made some great memories in this house. We each had family visit from out of state multiple times. They said it was to visit us, but everyone loves Portland, so that was suspect. On Halloween, nine of my best college girlfriends visited and we all dressed up as nuns and spent the night bar hopping and being paparazzi-ed by Portland strangers. We had the most fun roommate ever for a short time when my cousin, Bobby lived with us after moving up to Portland from California. We hosted summer cook-outs on the plush (*cough* overgrown) lawn, we threw parties for our coworkers and friends, and finally held a small but thorough get together with the goal of finishing off all our remaining alcohol.

The little house on Haight Street was in a dream location. We could walk to the best spots such as Locale, Eisenhower, Prost, Monsoon Thai, Wolf & Bears, Uchi Sushi and my favorite place in town—Flex and Flow Yoga. It was there that I became part of the greatest, most supportive, and inspiring tribe of bad ass, strong women to ever strike a Flying Pigeon. We yoga-ed, went on trail runs, and happy hour-ed together weekly. Rain or shine. It was because of these magnificent women that my yoga practice got better and stronger, I found the strength and encouragement to run my first marathon, and we stayed social during the rainiest of months. 

Living in Portland the last year and a half was so much better than I could have imagined. We knew it was going to be a great city to live in, but the people we got to know there are really what makes Portland special to us. Although I am excited for our next adventure, today I am more than a little sad to leave this amazing place. This isn’t “Goodbye Portland,” it’s just “See you later.”