Autumn Hiking in Bled

Today, we did two different hikes near Bled, Slovenia and I could not stop ogling at the gorgeous autumn foliage. It’s spectacular! Plus the sun was out and there was a crisp breeze so the weather was ideal for hiking.

Look at those colors!

First, we drove about 45 minutes from our Airbnb in Bled to Lake Bohinjsko and hiked straight up hill for about an hour. When we got to the view point, a paraglider was getting ready on a little runway so we watched him launch out over the lake.

After the viewpoint, we wandered through the hills for a little bit just enjoying the atmosphere. We passed horses, adorable log houses, some cows, and only a few fellow hikers. At one point, we paused to look at our map and a little old lady hiked up to us. Despite only speaking Slovenian and German, she told us how to get to the peak and how to get back down. She was really animated and helped, and pretty badass for hiking up 2500 ft.

Once we finished our first 10k hike, we grabbed a small beer, split a pizza, and set off for a late afternoon view of the famous Lake Bled. First, we hiked up a steep 800-ish ft to the view point called “Mala Osonjnica” on Google Maps. The hike was actually really steep but we motored up it because I was excited for the picturesque view.

Mala Osonjnica View Point

And the view was phenomenal, but it wasn’t the one I had in my head. So we kept hiking. After some wandering, we found the viewpoint called, “Ojstrica” on Google Maps. Fortunately, this hike was super short and super easy. Unfortunately, it was clearly the most popular view point so it was extremely crowded. So crowded that we only spent a few minutes at the top for Andrew to snap three photos of me. All while leaning over someone else’s tripod and trying to avoid getting poked with a selfie stick.

Ojstrica View Point

All-in-all, we covered about eight miles today with nearly 3500 ft elevation gain. My legs are tired but my gosh, I am content.

Also, I’m posting a blog post on the same day of an event so I’m patting myself on the back pretty hard right now.