M.I.A. on the Annapurna Circuit

We have visitors! My dad and close family friend, Brian, just arrived in Kathmandu, Nepal to hang with us for over two weeks. That's only the beginning of the excitement. Now, we are prepping and packing. But tomorrow ... tomorrow, we will all drive out to the Himalayas and start 16-ish days of trekking on the Annapurna Circuit.

We will spend our days trekking, taking pictures of mountains, and breathing in that wonderful fresh (smog-less) air. At night, we will settle into local tea houses for reading and card games, and eventually sleep. It's a notch more luxurious than normal backpacking, but not a big notch. 

We will not have computers or wifi so I apologize in advance for not responding to comments or emails. BUT, I did successfully stay ahead on my blog after I cheated with a catch-up post. So expect to see a few more posts in the coming week-ish. Besides that, I will post updates (maybe even with photos) if we stumble upon wifi in the mountains. 

Catch you on the other side of the mountain!

annapurna mountain-1.jpg

Unfortunately, this is a stock photo. But I hope to take an original soon!